Diploma in Security and Safety Management

SGD 6,295


Important Notes:

1) The entire program curriculum spreads over 24 months of study and 3 months of industrial attachment.

2) Awarding body is IBS College (Malaysia).

3) Program location is at Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

4) Program fee is only applicable to Malaysians only. For other nationalities, please enquire directly.


Entry Requirements:

  • At least 3 credits in SPM, SPMV, SM2, “O” level or Equivalent Qualifications.
  • STPM, SM3, “A” level, Pre-U Programs, Foundation Program and LCCI.
  • For students from other colleges or universities who wish to continue their course or program in IBS, Subject Exemption or Credit Accumulation & Transfer Scheme offers further flexibility to the above students.


Batch Intake:

  • September 2016
  • January 2017
  • March 2017


Program Overview:

This course provides an essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and issues that are at the heart of professional security management today. The course provides unique insights and comprehensive coverage of the role, resources, and skills that are central to providing effective security management in the commercial environment and public sector.


Program Purposes:

  • Learn about the main aspects of security management: the functions, processes and resources involved apart from general business management activities.
  • Learn the roles of security personnel and the skills in managing the operation of a security unit.
  • Be prepared and able to reduce an organization’s exposure to risk.
  • Be able to manage the human resources of his/her organization.
  • Be able to communicate with practitioners in the related profession.
  • Be able to continue and cope with further studies to degree level in security management.


Module Outline:

Semester 1

  1. Principal of Management
  2. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  3. Human Resource Development
  4. Introduction to Psychology


Semester 2

  1. Introduction to Crime & Society
  2. Law of Evidence
  3. Introduction to Criminal Procedure
  4. Occupational Safety & Health


Semester 3

  1. Seminar on contemporary Security & Safety issues
  2. Critical & Creative Thinking
  3. Introduction to Security Management
  4. Introduction to Electronic Security


Semester 4

  1. Principal of Organizational Behavior
  2. Investigation Technique
  3. Physical Security Management
  4. Security Operations Management


Semester 5

  1. Introduction to Criminal Law
  2. Fundamental of Criminal Justice System
  3. Security Crisis Management
  4. Information Security


Semester 6

  1. Ethic in Law Enforcement
  2. Crime Scene Investigation
  3. Security Risk Management
  4. Strategic Management


Semester 7

Industrial Training (3 month)


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