Managing for Success

SGD 90

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Note: This course is taken entirely on a separate portal hosted by Vado, Inc. Upon successful enrolment, you will receive the login details to start the course within 24-48 hours.

This is an Online Course developed specially for supervisors, managers, and leaders who are responsible for leading, coaching, and inspiring employee performance.


Course Description:

Even if you have the managerial basics down, there is always an opportunity to learn, especially since managers need to be able to do so many things. From problem solving to building effective relationships with others, from motivating and inspiring employees, to clearly articulating ones thoughts and opinions—there’s a lot to know and be able to do. The Managing for Success courseware helps managers strengthen their ability to lead and manage others by providing the tools and information they need to create a strong team culture, build integrity within the team, capitalize on the strengths and differences of others, as well as help team members solve problems and challenges in the best way possible.

Course Content:

This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses:

  1. What the Team Loves About the Company
    Facilitate a team discussion regarding what employees love about the company
  2. Building Relationships with Colleagues
    Build relationships with colleagues to learn about their role, skills, and expertise
  3. Team Work-Life Balance
    The team determines what they can do together to create balance for everyone on the team
  4. More Than One Solution
    Identify a number of potential solutions for the same problem
  5. Solving Problems in the Right Way
    Determine what is required to ensure issues are solved in the right way at the right time
  6. Team Integrity
    Teams discuss what integrity looks like and identifies expectations for the team
  7. Speaking Freely with Others
    Share with your team how people react to you when you speak freely with others
  8. Soliciting Ideas and Opinions
    Create an agenda item to discuss how the ideas and opinions of others are being solicited and used
  9. Differences Make a Stronger Team
    Employees learn how each person is diverse and how these differences help make a strong team
  10. Understand Customer Needs
    Strengthen your understanding of your customers’ needs and what you can do to meet them
  11. The Importance of Safety
    Discuss and reinforce the importance of safety with your team
  12. Create a Safety Culture
    Create a team culture focused on safety and accident prevention


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