PM03 Marketing Strategy: Products

SGD 42


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Product is one of the four p’s of marketing and includes the goods and services being offered as well as the packaging, customer service, brand reputation, and more. Under the umbrella term marketing mix, the four p’s of product, place, price, and promotion represent the elements of a strategy that marketers control. This course will focus on the concepts necessary to understand strategic decisions about products, encompassing all the elements that enable a product to serve its owner.



After the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Name three ways of describing a product, each of which affect customer value
  • Identify the implications of the product life cycle for marketers
  • Define how the proliferation of product choice has affected marketers’ product strategies
  • Identify four aspects of service as a “product” that demand a strategic marketing response
  • Identify the three stages of change required in social marketing


General Information:

You must make an 80% or higher on the final quiz to pass this online course.


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