RESILIENCE: Returning to normal after an emergency

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Course Description:

This short course in RESILIENCE, or what to do after you survive the emergency. It takes students through the different areas of recovery after a disaster. Discussion of the concepts of physical injury and first aid as part of personal resilience, followed by discussion of property and emotional sectors. We walk through the interaction of the individual with groups, business, and government during this process.

The course is less than one (1) hour and is designed as a short course on disaster recovery. Students do not need special equipment to complete the course. the course is in three parts. :definition, who needs resilience, and basics. Included in the course is supplemental material on the history of first aid, history of hospitals, and the United Nations document on resilience planning for countries.

This course is designed to augment the material in disaster planning.


What Will You Learn:

  • Learning the historical link between first aid and resilience
  • Learning the link between medical laws, organizations and resilience
  • Understanding the relationship between resilience for persons and society
  • Understanding the emotional component of resilience


Who Should Take This Course:

A must for students having taken courses in disasters and first aid.


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