The Win-Win Advantage: Negotiating to Create Value

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Course Synopsis:

Most of us are expected to negotiate effectively with key accounts, strategic partners, customers and vendors repeatedly over a long period of time. We also negotiate within our own organization, with bosses, colleagues, even subordinates. We need to achieve good results for ourselves while maintaining healthy, long-term relationships with our negotiating partners. In today’s world, a win-win approach is the only acceptable approach to negotiation.

A successful negotiation begins with preparation: gathering information, identifying interests and currencies of exchange, and creating options. It requires a sensitivity to the emotional aspects of negotiating and the ability to overcome an impasse.

This practical and interactive two-day workshop was designed for people who must negotiate in a variety of settings. It is based on the approach advanced in the books Getting to Yes and Getting Past No by Harvard professors Roger Fisher and William Ury. Facilitated by David Goldwich, a trained lawyer and mediator, this program focuses on preparing for negotiation and provides a framework for negotiating win- win outcomes.


Course Objectives:

  • UNDERSTAND the elements of the “principled” negotiation approach
  • DISTINGUISH interests from positions and learn how to uncover hidden interests
  • LEVERAGE on differently valued currencies of exchange to create value out of nothing
  • DEVELOP alternatives and a powerful Plan B so you cannot lose
  • USE anchor points to get more every time
  • ADOPT a counterintuitive approach to get better results
  • UNDERSTAND the emotional aspects of negotiation
  • LEARN common negotiating tactics and defend against them with counter- tactics
  • LEARN how to overcome an impasse
  • FRAME issues to your advantage
  • KNOW the behaviors of winning negotiators
  • UNDERSTAND your counterpart to maximize the chances for a win-win outcome
  • USE an eight-step template to systematically prepare for any negotiation



  • Presentation / discussion
  • Negotiation simulations
  • Skit
  • Demonstrations
  • Interactive sessions
  • Lateral thinking exercises
  • Videos


Who Should Attend:

Managers, supervisors, department heads, team leaders, lawyers, bankers, financial advisors, purchasing agents, contracts officers, executives, sales and marketing staff, customer service representatives, administrative and technical staff, and anyone whose work requires them to negotiate with and influence others.


Your Instructor:

David Goldwich

David Goldwich is a “reformed” lawyer who is committed to helping people get what they want by teaching them how to play the negotiation game and be assertive, compelling, persuasive communicators.

David has MBA and JD degrees from accredited and respected bricks-and-mortar universities. He practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, arguing before judges and political, government, and community bodies. David is trained as a mediator and has managed small businesses as well.

Recognizing that lawyers perpetuate rather than solve problems, David began lecturing and training in 1995. He has taught at the tertiary level in the USA and in Singapore. As a trainer, David applies the “80/20 Rule” by identifying the few critical tools necessary for the greatest improvement and presenting them in a form that is easy to learn and simple to use. An engaging and award-winning speaker, David uses humor and stories culled from his own experience as a lawyer, businessman, and father to help people reach breakthrough changes in their personal and professional lives. He is the author of three books and numerous articles in his field of expertise.


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“David is very smart and experienced, good sense of humor, handled the class very well in timing, cheering up the audience. I would like to bring ideas from this program to share with our partners in Vietnam. Lots of fun, no dead time.”
— Alice, Sales Manager

“This course made me start to like negotiation.”
– Gloria Zhang, RBS

“David’s coaching on negotiation skills has been transformational and beneficial for me. The session has given me an edge to negotiate confidently with our stakeholders to achieve a win-win situation. I wish I could have attended his course earlier.”
— Angela Chung, Senior Social Worker

“David knew the methodology well and kept us entertained throughout the course! More vital topics were captured. Loved the session!”
— Razeena, Customer Service Manager

“I like the examples given to illustrate the idea of negotiating and also the role play where it involves practical negotiation.”
– Diana Susanto, Nanyang Polytechnic

“I found the whole course to be extremely useful and I will be able to use this in my day to day job. Excellent!”
– Raffaela Maiorano, RBS


Course Outline:

An Introduction to Negotiating

  • Understanding negotiation
  • How do you negotiate?
  • The negotiation process: Four stages
  • Distributive, integrative, and mixed motive negotiating

The Win-Win Approach: Creating and Claiming Value

  • Negotiating multiple issues – it isn’t just about price!
  • Choosing your strategy
  • Using anchor points to your advantage
  • Offers and counteroffers
  • Currencies of exchange and how to leverage them

Preparing to Negotiate: Using an Eight-Step Checklist

  • Interests vs. positions
  • Currencies
  • Options
  • Plan B
  • Rationale
  • Communication
  • Relationship
  • Implementation

Behaviors of Winning Negotiators: What They Do, and Don’t Do

  • Asking questions
  • Listening
  • Persuasiveness
  • Explaining before disagreeing
  • Empathy – seeing it their way
  • Lateral thinking
  • Avoiding negative behaviors
  • Dealing with an impasse

Negotiating Tactics and Counter-tactics: Dirty Tricks? Or Part of the Game?

  • The flinch
  • The squeeze
  • Higher authority
  • Good guy / bad guy
  • Concession patterns – how and when to give
  • Take it or leave it – how to make and respond to ultimatums
  • The nibble
  • Using emotions tactically

Bonus section: The Eleven Commandments of Negotiation

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17-18 July 2017, 6-7 November 2017


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