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Partner Success Story – everydayExcel Business Lab Achieves Success With Wedemic

everydayExcel Business Lab is a training company offering Professional Microsoft® Excel Courses with a Business Perspective. The trainers at everydayExcel Business Lab don’t teach people how to use Excel as an end in itself. They teach people how to use it as a means to an end; that to apply …

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Partner Success Story – Renowned NLP Training Provider, NLP Top Coach, Gains Further Success By Using Wedemic

  NLP Top Coach is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivational coaches, trainers and business strategists. From experiences covering 5 continents, their breath of knowledge and expertise will ensure clients receive the best advice, consultancy and solutions. NLP Top Coach has a full range of NLP training programs, from …

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Wedemic Launches Viral Marketing Service For Instructors and Training Providers

  Wedemic announces the launch of its viral marketing service today. All instructors and training providers are now able to engage their audience in a whole different way. “Traditionally, courses are being advertised through emails, social media platforms and other e-channels,” said Mr Ulysses Wang, Founder of Wedemic. “Many training …

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Customer Success Story – Automotive Dealer Improves Customer Service Level With Customised Training Solutions Offered On Education Website, Wedemic

Dynamic Motoring is a fairly new entrant to the Singapore automotive industry. In a fiercely competitive industry where so many new and pre-owned vehicles exchange ownership daily, what key factors differentiates the hundreds of automotive dealers in the country? According to Shawn Lim, Partner at Dynamic Motoring, they key is …

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Customer Success Story – Unag Logistics leverages on specialized in-person courses offered on Wedemic to improve its employees’ productivity

The logistics industry in Singapore has greatly evolved over the past decades. Many logistics companies have undergone tremendous restructuring to adapt to the changing landscape. One such company that has successfully grown from a small start up to a mid-size logistics provider is Unag Logistics. And the company’s General Manager, …

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