Wedemic Launches Viral Marketing Service For Instructors and Training Providers

New marketing initiative allows instructors / training providers to promote their courses virally.


vm1Wedemic announces the launch of its viral marketing service today. All instructors and training providers are now able to engage their audience in a whole different way.

“Traditionally, courses are being advertised through emails, social media platforms and other e-channels,” said Mr Ulysses Wang, Founder of Wedemic. “Many training organisers are also still using telemarketing as the main revenue driver. However, the challenge is to market the right course to the right prospects at the right time. You can do it through the ‘numbers-game’ whereby you hit a certain number of prospects and hoping a certain percentage will convert. Or you can reach only those ‘pre-qualified’ prospects. And better still, you reach them through their friends!”

This simple yet extremely critical thought led to the intense search for solutions in this area. There were 2 areas that the solution must be able to address. First, it is a known fact that consumers, regardless of corporates or individuals, will prefer getting to know a product or service through friends’ referrals or sharing, instead of being pitched directly by the vendor. Second, sales and marketing resources can be better utilized for pre-qualified prospects, people whom are having a certain level of interest in your product.

Fact 1: People trust recommendations from friends and family 7 times more than traditional advertising.

Fact 2: Globally, 92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends/family above all other advertising.

Fact 3: Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means.

Sources: Wharton School of Business (2010), Nielsen, (2012)

This viral marketing service can be set up in two ways.

1) As a giveaway campaign. Get your audience to refer to their friends by enticing them with a giveaway or reward. Instructors and training providers are able to set up this campaign by offering a reward for sharing their courses. For e.g. getting 5 friends to sign up for the newsletters updates, will get referrer a free access to the course. In this way, people are motivated to share on their social media networks and other means because they are keen to get the free access. Moreover, leads collected are almost pre-qualified because no one will sign up for a newsletter for something they are totally not interested in. This allows more accurate positioning of the marketing efforts towards the right audience for other products.

2) As a contest campaign. Put up a contest with a prize and allow your audience to gain points by referring to their friends. Everyone loves contest, especially one with a decent prize. Instructors and training providers can run a contest with their audience and get them to get friends to sign up for newsletters updates and earn points for themselves in the contest.

The beauty of the whole setup is that it is fully automated. The viral marketing tool deployed allows users to conveniently share with just a click of a button. For instructors and training providers, all they need to do is to decide the kind of campaign they want to run, and it will all be configured very quickly and a unique link provided for them to kick-start the campaign. The viral marketing service provided by Wedemic is free for now for all instructors and training providers on the platform.

“Although we cannot confirm whether we are the first within the training and development industry to deploy such a tool, we are very sure this is going to be a very powerful marketing initiative to further widen all instructors and training providers’ audience reach,” said Mr Wang. “I personally encourage all instructors and training providers to take advantage of this service to fully exploit the benefits of viral marketing.”

About Wedemic: Wedemic is one of the world’s trusted resource for professional development. The company serves a huge global community of learners and instructors and assisting buyers and learners to meet training providers and instructors. Wedemic makes it easier for the global community to search, compare and most importantly, to learn.


November 23, 2016

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